Angela Yee & The Breakfast Club Discuss What ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Would Actually Be Like

Find Out Who Else Won’t Be Working Tomorrow ►

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  1. if this ain't an anti trump March then how come in 8 years of Obama Presidency ya'll didn't strike? did women fare better during those 8 years and now all of a sudden it's terrible? this should be "A Day Without Democratic Women"

  2. YEE.. lol take a breath.. she wanted to hang up on that woman lol my ass is at work though.. I ain't wasting my PTO, I got better things to do when this Spring/Winter is over..

  3. Women "get paid less" but live longer!

    Men get more money but take on life threatening jobs, pay for women, pay for women's thing and live shorter lives!

    So, in the end…who really gets more??

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