Woman Remains On The Loose For Poisoning Her Husband’s Cereal – Donkey of the Day

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2mez6H2

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  1. Based on the comments, some of you don't seem to understand what happened. "Unwanted sex" is not the same thing as "rape." Did she make it clear that she did not want to have sex? It sounds like the man wanted to have sex and she didn't, but did it anyway to keep the peace. And then she poisoned him so he wouldn't have an erection any more.

    If he actually committed rape, I would think he would have been charged as well.

  2. wait He was raping her. RAPING. raping her and Charlamagne is trivializing this as someone who lost her marbles?? You think someone who went through such conscious measures DIDN'T try to stop him? Didn't say no? Think about it. You think she'd go from being turned off to homicidal? And if she was a psychopath, wouldn't she just off him? Not making a case for her, but you oughta put things into perspective and use critical thinking to fill in the blanks. Jeez

  3. Obviously, Charlemagne, her "No" didn't stop him from forcing her to have sex, so she went to an extreme measure. Now she may be a donkey for running from the police after admitting her guilt, but definitely not a donkey for stopping a rapist.

  4. stupid Charlemagne, she was raped meaning guy still force her to engage in sexual activity regardless of the fact that she probably made it clear didn't want no part of it …"no" is more effective when the person you say it to respects the implications behind the word "no" and backs off…but if that person doesn't care then that's when RAPE kicks in…

  5. If He raped this woman, why was the Man NOT arrested and charged? Unwanted is NOT NO and it surely does imply FORCE!!! So to all those giving CTG Shit, know ALL the facts of the matter FIRST before you chime in…

  6. If he was raping her like some have suggested, why not get a divorce and/or report him to the police? Not saying he didnt rape her.. but this seems a strange decision to take.

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