Suge Knight Jr. Talks Fathers Mistreatment in Jail on Hollyood Unlocked [UNCENSORED] Interview

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  1. ATTENTION: Right when Suge Jr. here opened his mouth you'll notice everyone in the room started grimacing due to the overwhelming aroma of vinagar soaked scrotums eminating from his pube riddled esophagus. At least he's not sexually attracted to Trump….

  2. so fuck the fact that he beat Michele azz….all because this nigga locked up? ….fuck outta here…its sad that his dad ain't ish, but for him to try to defend his bs is pure fuckery….

  3. you know black guys with white hands I had a friend that they literally had him say I have a big nose because I told the inside of his hands were white do you know not only did they make his grandfather monitor me since I dunno 3rd to say5th some where in there .but he can't have a church a c doloris Tucker came up I don't wanna say it's her but we are both screwed by civil rights

  4. now will Smith won't acknowlegde him completely but has the nerve to make me feel racist in my head I keep hearing out my mouth nigger wetback spic wop chink fag polok cracker and a shit load more to insult my caracter I'm already insulted there listening to my dogs my turtles my kids my sister my mom dad we are on some kind of imiginary realty show none of us signed for that I know of

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