Suge Knight Jr. Opens Up About Fathers Mistreatment in Jail on Hollyood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. glad I looked at this. a lot of my thoughts about suge are no longer one sided. just because his son tells a different story doesn't mean its true, like all the negative can't be 💯. what makes the most sense with the facts and I'll make up my own scenario. nice interview!

  2. I was giving this dick smuggling pole vaulter crew a pass until they said that Pac wasn't an icon till death row f*** out of here half a fag ass mother f*** heard of juice? knew u wasn't from da Yay when u "claimed" your brother/sister banged. Stick to swallowing babies.

  3. That's crazy I have family in Nashville TN so I know exactly where Fisk university is. That's embarrassing to have a celebrity kid who seems normal to come to the city to just go to school and obviously not on no negative shit that gets threatened about what his father did in the past because of a movie! It's kids today that weren't even born then so how they gone get mad at Suge son for something he didn't have nothing to do with? Let that man go to school. He should've just stayed in LA because in some parts of Nashville especially the south part it's like little compton there anyway. I think compton really spreaded throughout every state, city, and neighborhood. I haven't visited nashville in a while though. Great interview they just talked too much instead of letting him talk.

  4. Suge was never a gangsta. He graduated from UCLA and played for the Raiders for a short time. I mean Jimmy Iovine would have Suge and his dad over every Sunday to play football with Bruce Springsteen, the Kennedies and many other mainstream Hollywood celebrities. He was a good dude.

  5. o yea by the way I have to tell you this shit an don't care I had a family issue we're my mom took my food from my purchase she made with food stamps an threw my shit an got in my face an pushed her now they say I'm crazy why these people have me on lenses my whole life .

  6. I wrote him 10 yrs ago an then I think a Klan affliate gave me a Mel Gibson movie an I beleave set your father up later down the road with some female assult thing cause I had the same problem after I read an ad of your dad's and a artist of popularity that doesn't say Suge wrote a song with some island girl

  7. I also have some abriviations and vocabulary to learn England I think is going love me does your Dad have any idea why England would love me or Baltimore would be so replused without offending may I ask

  8. but not by y'all as much as beIN paranoid why when I wrote him my Myspace was seized I was almost set up by some political party with the third letter of the alphabet but I'm not a gang member ether until I was so messed up in my head from some alchol and products strange things come out my mouth for days

  9. my dad keeps getting messed over at are family business over this crap and you tell your dad the diabetes run is coming soon as people get a life . cause my dad also caught diabeties just watch him around the stroke community the shit has been going around like the common cold

  10. correct me if I'm wrong because I got an entire family dieing from just strange technology dieases like heart attacks and strokes an diabeties and cancer but it's actually several families and a bunch of friends

  11. I can't even begin to tell you I don't hate black people so please know I'm real agitatated because they maped us out to go to protesting black lives matter or Farakan I dunno but I need some black people's help

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