Foxy Brown Unleashes Remy Ma Diss Track, Mentions Miscarriage

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  1. nicki does not have to respond to ignorant shit. remy cant stand alone on stage with joe going for others. take the stage alone and do yo thang and stop going for others.

  2. "but you ever see those fight videos online where two daughters are fighting in the yard and one of the daughters starts to lose so the mama of the daughter that's losing comes out in her bathrobe with one titty out and helps her daughter. that's the equivalent of Foxy Browns diss record."

  3. Foxy Brown washed up she sounds horrible she wack why is nicki going to get all these ppl when she threw the first blow now she playing victim then she tell nas to stop her from performing shether Really ninja #Nas aint you on my great Uncle Miles Davis (rip) record label don't switch up you letting a low budget lil kim wanna be tell you how to make money💰💰 and you aint made a record since when……uhmmmmmm ill wait😴😴😴😴😴💯💯

  4. Y'all some pussies .. Foxy been got her hearing back 100%… She has occasional ear issues to humming and buzzing but she can fucking freestyle better then Niggas!!! Better believe she didn't write and just spit it

  5. I'm sorry but Foxy needs to have SEVERAL seats. For one, she has zero to do with this. This fight is strictly between Nick & Rem. Second, the song was trash! If you're gonna come back after all these years & try to come for someone, make sure it's FIRE. Bye Foxy, just BYEEEE.

  6. But you haven't said anything about the behind the scene shit????? You only talked about shit on wax! anyway way for me to believe Nikki was taking shots at Remy I would have to believe that she saw Remy Ma as A threat.Ummm I loved lean back and her verse on it. BUT Remy was never in the running for being QUEEN! Come on now. rather she made the decision to go to jail or not because people seem to act like it wasn't her decision to shoot somebody. she would have never got to Little Kim Nicki Minaj or even Rah Digga level. let's not be crazy and truthfully Lady Luck one of those battles. Remy was just more popular at the time!

  7. She's sounds terrible she sounds like she's choking on some coke. Damn! Like That shit was weak forreal. Foxy always trying to get involved with something that had nothing to do with her plus Remy was on love and hip hop so everybody knows about her miscarriage . She had an ectopic pregnancy. So its too late to respond back cause before she too was scared to come back at Remy and the only reason why she's doing is because of Nicki. Foxy needs to have several seat. She looks stupid cause Remy doesn't care cause she's getting booked.

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