Isaiah Thomas and Tyler Ulis Jump Ball in Phoenix | 03.05.17

In what might be one of the shortest Jump Balls in NBA History Five Foot Nine Isaiah Thomas tips off against Five Foot Nine Tyler Ulis.


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  1. Most people compare Isaiah and AI but their playstyle are different. AI came in to the league on fire while IT was decent and worked his way through to become what he is today. The more accurate comparison for Thomas is Calvin Murphy, not AI.

  2. Who ever says Thomas is gonna be better than iverson. Your smoking something cause Thomas is not on Iversons level I'm sorry. I'm not saying Thomas is not good he is good but. He's not on Iversons level

  3. You stupid af if you think Tyler exposed IT. The mf STILL had 35, he had a bad turnover. Shit happens Tyler did his thing tho. Salute to him. Coming from a Celtics fan but Hopefully in the future we get more games like that between the two

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