ERROL SPENCE INSISTS HE STOPS KEITH THURMAN; SAYS WIN OVER DANNY GARCIA WAS NOTHING SPECTACULAR was on hand at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York where WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman kept his undefeated record intact while adding the WBC title to his trophy case, defeating previously undefeated champion Danny Garcia via split decision to unify the 147-pound division. Check out the immediate reaction from those in attendance!


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  1. How can anyone hate on Spence.. This man had Kell Brook hesitating to take the fight.. most welterweights wouldn't face Kell Brook, this man is already taking the challenge..

  2. Errol is a beast! He's that cool young lion walking thru the pride confident & untouchable, knowing he can already hurt anyone, this is all my shit and no one can stop me! Respect bro👊

  3. Danny Garcia just gave away an EASY win.         GARCIA was very very INACTIVE and still only lost by 15 punches.     I had it Thurman 7 Lame RDs to Danny 5 Lame RDs

  4. I was one of those dudes who picked Garcia to beat Thurman. I said that Thurman would start getting on his bike after he realized that he could not really hurt Garcia. The problem was that Garcia held back to much and did not let his hands go enough to pull it off. I give Thurman a lot of credit for his ring intelligence and the way he managed his way through that fight.

  5. Spence hasn't done nothing yet and he acts like he's a elite. Beat Brook and I'll say he's elite. Kell Brook is a good fighter his only loss is to a guy nobody wanta fight and is a couple weight classes above him people acting like Tripple G a bum need to stop. Spence might win but he ain't gonna knock him out believe that shit. I hope same people hating on Brook right now give him credit if he beats Spence.

  6. I've always been a fan but brook vs Spence isn't the king of the division fight. Bugging. Oan no man is invincible in the ring. You can watch a man and not be amazed and still get your ass whipped by the same guy.

  7. What's wrong with a young, confident, yet humble fighter believing he's the best? He can only fight, whoever will fight him. Spence is doing his job…beating everyone that gets put in front of him. If he said, "I MIGHT beat Kell Brooke" then people would say he's scared or not ready to step up. You have to promote yourself in boxing. Tell people why you feel you're "the best" then get in the ring and prove it. SO FAR, he's done nothing but prove it….so why the hate?

  8. Errol Spence is an over-rated cherry picker who hasn't beaten anybody, when he beats a good fighter then he can get credit right now he is all mouth with no crediable fights on his record, he hasn't even been in with a good fighter, he is a hype job wait until he gets hurt and we will see what he's made of.

  9. So when fans say he was running they don't know shit about boxing lol. But Errol Spence just said Keith got hit to the body and then he was "basically running". So at the end of the day people can call it dancing, running, or the art of boxing lol. Hey it is what it is lol

  10. Errol spence is a very good pressure fighter I just think he needs to be a little bit more accurate when he let's he's hands go. Spence seems like a laid back chilled out guy, I like he's out look.

  11. Spence is starting to get hella annoying af
    he always has Keith Thurman's name in his mouth..he's all trying to rush and dictate shit
    like he been smashing top level dogs
    this guy needs to first start defending his title
    and stop with all that rushing in for a
    Unification fight
    it takes time for those fights to happen
    He can't just demand a Unification because
    he beat a one eyed damage goods Kell Brook

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