Derrick Rose and Steph Curry’s Top Finishes At The Rim This Year

Take a look at two of the best finishers at the rim and their best finishes so far this year.


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  1. NBA, you know better than this! Curry is, BY FAR the better shooter of the two. But when it comes to finishing at the rim, Rose is well ahead of Curry. That Chicago layup alone was better, than most of what you've showed Curry doing here. Both of them are great and fun players to watch, though. Yesterday's game was fun.

  2. two favorite players. Favorite thing about Curry's impossible layups is when he looks at his hands afterwards. lol. Favorite thing about Derrick Rose when he lays it up is how many people always go "ohh" when he does it cause it's so spectacular. Two people that make finishing at the rim look so pretty and easy.

  3. I dislike it when D-rose homers still try to vouch for D-Rose's value in this league, but if there's one thing that's unchanged, it's that when he wants to be, D-Rose is the best finisher in the game and the most skilled finisher since MJ himself (that includes A.I, LBJ and Wade).

  4. wait a minute, how about then NBA finally showing love to my boy DRose!!!! its about time!!! this man should've been going up against Uncle drew in this video not some bum named stephanie

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