Boosie Badazz Warns Followers Concerning the Hazard of Rap Beef ‘The place I am From, Whoever Dies Loses the Beef’


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Boosie Badazz Warning Followers Concerning the Hazard of Rap Beef ‘The place I am From, Whoever Die Loses the Beef’
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  1. boosie fronting bout this beef shit cuz niggas have walked from beef with him personally.. then he giving warnings bout family and beef but run down on gates when everyone know that man family be with him.. cut the fuck shit cant be pro hip hop and active with rap beef.

  2. boosie got a point tho man we take the beef and run with it, fueling that fire and watching it all burn down. The beef never ends like a happy ending seeing them two walk away, but I agree that we glorify hip hop and promote the violence along with it.

  3. Tell this undercover cheerleader, Boosie, where I'm from, REAL niggas DON'T get involved in FEMALE RAP battles!!
    Boosie sounds REAL mad that this fake-ass plastic bitch throws pebbles at EVERY chick in the game & now that a REAL lyrical chick bodied her with a head shot, he's mad!!! CTFU!!
    He sounds gay af with that tweet to all the girls who used to like nicKIMinaj now they don't! Something ain't right with this dude! Boosie, do you wanna fight Rem for nicKIMinaj?!
    This IS a part of Hip Hop, Boosie!! This is what REAL rappers do, THEY RAP!!!
    Rem brought back, that REAL New York Rap!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    He must NOT be in the streets, if he was, he would know that NO ONE in the streets listens to nicKIMinaj!! Her fans are little pre-teen girls & gay people (like himself)!! The streets BEEN with REMY since BIG PUN brought her out, so the fuck is he talkin bout??!!
    Where is he from, where the thugs in the streets are listening to nicKIMinaj??!! CTFU!
    nicKIMinaj stole Kim's ENTIRE being & no one said shit! nicKIMinaj is dead, now you in your gay feelings!! It ain't Rem's fault that none of nicKIMinaj's ghostwriters wanna get involved & look stupid with those nursery rhymes that they write for nicKIMinaj!
    Boosie lost ALL his points & ALL street cred wit this gay rant!!
    #BitchBoosie #BoosieTheCheerleader #BoosieUnderCoverFag #BoosieGayAsFuck

  4. stop it dj ak! he's just telling them to say enough is enough. this shit ain't no movie, or entertainment. you need to fall back and realize, because for one I personally enjoy listening to your perspective, but you help perpetuate a lot of this shit. put it like this, I wouldn't know if you you didn't just tell me😋

  5. stop it dj ak. he's just asking that the fans start saying enough is enough. you're the one who helps perpetuate the bullshit when you broadcast. I personally follow you because of your perspective. think about it like this, I wouldn't know about this if it wasn't for you😋

  6. We want a show like Roxanne Shante & The Real Roxanne.. Like Mc Lyte & Mc Antoinette or what about Foxy Brown & Lil Kim?? Queen Latifah & Foxy Brown..Foxy Brown must b the Goddess of this here Hip hop.. Lil Kim is the Queen B Queen of rap!!!

  7. i agree with boosie. he has a point in saying the fans have the ultimate say so when it comes to what things they choose to pay attention to or rather what they value when it comes to entertainment. technically WE are their bosses. Just like we would hold the CEO of McDonald's accountable for his products we need to hold artist accountable for sharing their image. not saying artist aren't entitled to being individuals. they do how ever have a responsibility to their fans cause without them there would be no career! #factz

  8. He talm bout real beef, not battling. Sometimes it's both. If niggaz dislike each other on a potentially violent level, shouldn't be no rapping. But sorry Bad Azz, battling is hip-hop & should viewed like competitive sports. If a MF threaten to kill u, dat ain't a rap battle no mo. I'm not replying. If a MF threaten to end to career with bars, come harder than dat nigga & win. He can't end to career if u make doper shit. If a battle fuccs with yo bag, it's yo fault, don't lose, or just keep dropping dope songs.

  9. What's beef? Beef is when you need 2 Gats to go to sleep
    Beef is when your moms ain't safe up in the streets
    Beef is when I see you
    Guaranteed to be in ICU, one more time . 20 years wow big your music still has meaning RIP PAC and BIG

  10. he aint talk bout how we really doin dis in Jacksonville off top yall already know how we rock wit dat big boy yappa rest up all em fallen souljas we coming bout dat shid dum granpark jhits quick ta spin a Benz quick ta wet shit straight like dat

  11. Boosie almost did life in prison. If anybody know how REAL life gets, it's him. Everybody ain't playing. Rappers know how easily fans believe what they say. Beef is when you can't go to sleep.💯

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