“That’s the fight that I really want…if we can make that fight after this fight…I feel that’s the biggest fight at 140…that would leave one champion in the division,” stated jr. welterweight champion Terence Crawford, who talked about his future plans and much more. Check it out!


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  1. I know some of you might not like this but I agree with itsthehouse! he said that Mikey Garcia isn't ready for Crawford and he's right.And I like Mikey Garcia.Crawford is a beast.

  2. mikey garcia was the one that told top rank about crawford how good he was in the amateurs cos top rank were looking for good boxers for their stable…pretty cool would love to see this fight

  3. Broners eyes were cut from head butts, not punches!!! if AB didnt take a year off he easily would have knocked Granados out. a good fight to get some rounds in.

  4. people are quick to criticize Adrien Broner but not realizing he went up to 147 to fight one of the biggest and heaviest guys in the division. I just hold him against talking shit. Don't talk shit and don't back it up

  5. Khan got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT and got his delusional head taken clean off of his shoulders by my left over AKA #VICTIM45 who i dominated and embarrassed at the age of 36 and now Amir 'queen chin' Khan is fight #VICTIM48 AKA PacBum AKA the hobbit that no one gives flying fucks about AKA the guy who cant sell PPV without using #TBE's name and the fight will still Flop. Thy have to split 30Mill between the two but i made 70 Million against berto when it was all said and done LMFAO! I was the biggest PPV draw in the history of PPV and now lets see where the sport goes without me HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!! BEG FOR ME TO COMEBACK BITCHES!!! BEGGGGGGG!!!! #TBE #50-0 #THEBESTEVER

  6. Seem like he want all belts at 140..he should stay at 140 after he get all belts for 3 more fights then move up to 147. I believe he can beat any fighter at 140. At 147 his only problem would be Spence he'd beat the rest on a good day

  7. he wants to fight Ricky burns again? that's like khan wanting to fight paulie malignaggi again..wtfff.
    this boy better get his ass over to 147 and knock on brook/errols door now..stop ducking you fool or how about you fight granados? that boy would take you to hell and stop you mate.. he is a the cross between Oscar/margarito he will keep throwing amd throwing and throw with you crawford won't win just sticking and moving it's not that simple

  8. Its a lot of dumb asses on this page and on camera that don't know shit about boxing or weight classes. I'm glad Bud is not stupid enough to follow anyone's career advice but his own. Way to keep them baffled champ.

  9. Mikey Garcia fight should be next after he unifies… I see them two as the best at 140. Better than Danny Garcia, Broner and all the rest of them. 147 would be too far for both of them.

  10. This dude. Want to say lomachenko is too small… he needs to just say he's too BIG for everyone at 140. Dude walks into the ring at 152 with little Gamboa – Gamboa too small lol. I wanna see mikey Garcia get that work –
    That would be interesting – arum don't want none of that. He needs to go up to 147 to fight PAC. Cause PAC fights at 150-153 when he steps in the ring. Arums match makers say Crawford can't hang….. that was a while ago when the talk started. but I guess. If he wants to cherry pick. Indongo was a cherry pick himself that didn't sit right. Lol. Grab those belts and move up homie. Let's see what you're made of – I wonder if he's gonna be like PAC and not knock anyone out anymore.. how about this.., he goes to 147. Crawford versus spence…. in that fight at 147 Would you guys consider spence the weight bully..because he walks into the ring at 160-162 ???

  11. Crawford needs too move up to 147 already all this hyped for a fighter that fights at 140 its a shit division in my opinion unless Mikey and Crawford fight at 140…

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