G-Perico on Friend Turning Informant, 72 Friends Indicted, Informants vs Snitches

West Coast rapper G-Perico opened up about what it was like watching 72 of his friends get swept up in an indictment a couple of years ago. While he wasn’t involved in the indictment, G-Perico reveals that he saw a lot of his friends turn into informants, including one whom he trusted with looking over his studio when he was in jail.

The “Neva Die” rapper also talked about the support that he’s gotten from Nipsey Hussle and A$AP Yams, whom G-Perico said was the first person to really reach out to support him. To hear more of what G-Perico had to say on their friendship, hit the above clip.


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  1. If you were a "g" and "stickin to the code" you aren't gonna be airing out your dirty laundry on the internet but this dude is a musician snithcing on himself or whoever to get attention

  2. That person giving the interview came off disrespectful when he said it's not the same thing… that's a man he talking to… u can't tell a man his ideology is inaccurate… rico looked like ok whatever next question

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