“What I said to Shane right there, I said, ‘You gotta kill me. I’m not going nowhere’…I respect every fighter as a man first…a fighter has to make me respect his skills,” stated retired undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who recalled his classic showdown with former world champion Shane Mosley. Check it out!


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  1. To answer some of your comments (because we didn't read them all): we fought the best and we took the best fights available. We beat everyone they put in front of us. Before we won, they said we would lose. After we won, they made their excuses. We've been on top for 20years! That is what will be remembered. We understand all the emotions that come with being fans and standing behind your fighters & we are grateful for the role you play. Hearing your hard words just comes with the territory, but we are wishing you all the best! Push for the Mayweather Vs Mcgreggor fight. Otherwise, make room in your hearts for the young hungry lions that are waiting to be the next major boxing figure! TMT TBE stay tuned!

  2. He paid his dues n worked hardcore to be where he's at and became one of the luckier ones. Always been a fan of Floyd back in the 90's.
    Jealous ppl don't see or know of the hardcore work, dedication n sacrifies some of these athletes endure. Mad props to Floyd through out his career.

  3. I remember when Floyd didn't know how to answer and handle the media…he would always struggle with media but I look him now and he does an amazing job staying professional and sending a positive message even when they attack him with questions that piss him off he still answers like a gentleman but like every other human being sometimes we slip but props to my man Floyd for being a great inspiration

  4. i don't understand people before when he says shitty things they are bashing that he's cocky and arrogant etc. and if he talk like such a gentleman they will say he's faking it. what's wrong with the wrong? I mean i think all of us has our own ups and downs good and bad but doesn't define as a bad person.

  5. Floyd's in trouble , when you get a fortune like that in life, all the other problems dissolve & leave one… Time.Where as normal people don't really notice their life passing by from thinking about money….Sorry Floyd there's one chap that's coming for you and he doesn't care about the purse, or the nine skyscrapers… Outbox that.

  6. Long Comment, but REAL FANS could appreciate this…….
    Believe me and Floyd said this a year ago, GGG would be easy and people laugh, I UNDERSTAND to the average fan, BUT Diehard boxing fans know WHY ???
    1st off, I seen Floyd live 5 times and 3 times up close…
    It is NOTHING like u see on TV.
    This dude is a FRIGGN ABSOLUTE SPECIMEN in that Ring. A sight to witness and he makes every fight look so easy, that it is boring to the average fan watching. Believe it………

    Every opponent of Mayweather trains beyond belief to destroy him, They dream about it, but Floyd has every skill MASTERED in the sport to defeat anyone put in front of him. He was already genetically gifted as young kid and was not only trained to be a Great fighter, but had the passion and determination to become a great Boxer…..
    ** GGG is a 160 lb middleweight who comes in at 170, 173 fight night, of course it would have to be a catchweight and Floyd is literally on the small side of 147 lb Welterweight.
    He outboxed Canelo like he was an Amateur when all the haters said, Floyd was ducking him. **
    Learn the whole story between Floyd and Top Rank under Bob Arum. Whoever thinks Floyd ducked all these Fighters back in the day don't have the 1st clue what went down. Floyd wanted every single fight and Arum screwed him over a dozen times and that is the reason Floyd left. he begged arum for 2 yrs to get the Oscar Fight and arum avoided it bc Oscar was bringing him in mega millions as his golden boy and knew Floyd could end it. Same with Pacquiao. do u think Arum was going to let Manny fight Mayweather in 2009 with 6 yrs left on his contract to fight Mayweather and ruin his mega million dollar Superstar. arum knew Floyd would end every fighter he had in his arsenal. Arum, to this day has never paid floyd for the Gatti fight…. Arum is a Dog, Period and ruined Tons of great Matchups and it will all come out one day. I have known the story since 2006, 2007 between Floyd and arum and that is why Floyd left….. i can go on and on and wait for my podcast coming out shortly !!!
    Floyd went to 154 lbs to take over Oscar's reign, period. this after the McGregor Fight bc Floyd carried Connor into the late rds.
    Floyd's game plan was exactly how he planned it.
    *** He had a Mask on and a X on the back of his outfit coming into the arena which meant, ROBBERY IN THE 10TH ROUND…….. No one will beat this dude in his weight class until he is 45 yrs old and stops training. yes, that is how Great he is….. He would never fight a World class Boxer like he fought McGregor bc if Floyd fought Connor like he did with Canelo or Berto from opening bell, It would have been a real short Night, Believe it……he made McGregor 100 times bigger than he already was and set for life. Floyd will finally gain the respect he always deserved. he took on the Bad guy role after Leaving Top rank and made over a billion dollars without a scratch on him. if you can't respect that, then your just a hater. PEACE REAL FANS !

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