“The way I beat Zab Judah…let me explain to everybody how you beat a fighter that’s fast like you’re fast…timing…counterpunching, timing…do things to slow him down…going down to the body,” who looked back on his early career and explained what separated him from other fighters. Check it out!


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  1. I mean really, how many fast fighters did Floyd truly face? Zab was one, yea, but Zab was never an elite level champ. Oscar was fast, but Floyd fought a version who was 7-8 past his prime and had slowed down immensely by the time Floyd faced him. Same with Mosley, completely washed up by the time Floyd fought him. Berto was fast, but Berto also managed to lose 3 of his last 4 fights before Floyd fought him and was really just a gatekeeper. And then you have Pac, who was half Floyd's size and reach was for shit. So yea, Floyd really never fought any elite level fast fighters in their primes. In fact, outside Corrales and Castillo, floyd never fought any elite level champions in their prime.

  2. What does being black have to do with liking a certain drink? this obsession with race is really getting out of hand. Your race is nothing more than a physical characteristic. It's no more important, or significant than your shoe size.

  3. i think khan could have beat floyd with his speed and height and reach i dont think floyd wanted to fight khan just like he never wanted to fight paul williams

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