“Another time, I called Manny Pacquiao on the phone myself…I told him I would wire him $20 million within 48 hours…he wanted 50/50 so it didn’t happen again…and then this is what happened, how we ended up making the fight happen,” stated retired undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who recalled his epic confrontation with Manny Pacquiao at an NBA game that eventually led to their mega-fight being made. Check it out!


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  1. Never ducked or dodged no one? Please. Cotto was an undefeated champion in the same division as Floyd back in 04-05. Took him damn near a decade and several beatings to finally fight him. Margarito called him out in 06 and offered him his biggest payday and he has never fought him to date. Floyd retired in his prime in 07 while Margarito, Williams, and Cotto were at the top of the division. He briefly comes out of retirement to fight the 140 pounder Hatton, then goes back into retirement. In 09 after Williams leaves the division, and Margarito is ko'd by mosely, Floyd returns to fight the lightweight champ instead of any of the welterweight champs. Berto was undefeated wbc champ for 3 years, and Floyd wouldn't even mention his name. After Ortiz upsets berto, Floyd makes the fight with Ortiz within a month. lol. Blamed pacquiao for 5 years for not accepting 40 mil or taking drug tests. Then after pacquiao is ko'd, he pays him 3 or 4 times as much money. lol. Then fights berto in his last fight far too late. Not saying it would have made a difference, but berto hadn't been exposed back in 09. Now he's dodging the top welterweights and junior middleweights to fight a guy that wouldn't make the top 500 as a boxer (mcgregor). Floyd fought all the big names in his career far outside of their prime, when the fights were there to be made when they were in their prime. Whether it was for money or fear, He definitely ducked and dodged.

  2. that pacquiao fight killed boxing.. one guy was pursuing throwing..the other dodging keeping away and moving.. throwing punches hitting gloves..and commentators were making it out to be genius..

  3. Floyd the pussy.
    Ducked Pacman for 6 years then drank 750ml IV juice to dilute PEDs and submitted his drug test 2 weeks after the fight.
    ALways the guy who barks the loudest.

  4. The bottom line is that whether the fight happened in 2010 or when it actually did, Emmanuel was never better than Floyd. His fans might think he was because of their worship of him, but he could've never beaten Floyd. Floyd is too smart, too defensive minded and too long for Emmanuel

  5. It was a smart move to not bite n fight Pac at first. I'd have done the very same thing. Lots of fighters got damaged bad fighting certain opponents.
    I don't think Pac ever wanted to fight Floyd, but it was most of his fans that wanted to see them fight. And screw margarito and his plaster wraps.

  6. in all seriousness, does anyone actually believe what this guy is saying?? i mean come on now. you can clearly tell by the way his talking that his speaking load of crap.

  7. Lies lies for so many years that he started to believe his shit also if he got exposed….UNREAL!!!
    Floyd, you turned the fight of the century into a bs, go fight McGregor and disappear once for all….THANKS

  8. simply put, Mayweather made all the attempts to make the fight happen, arum, pacquiao, and roach all kept it from happening. if you actually saw every interview from back in 2007 until 2014, you'd hear arum, roach, and pacquiao all say different things repeatedly. we just happen to live in the era where truth doesn't mean anything if you just don't like someone

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