Remy Ma Drops a Second Diss Track Towards Nicki MInaj called ‘Another One’. Nicki has yet to Respond


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Remy Ma Dropping a Second Diss Track Towards Nicki MInaj called ‘Another One’. Nicki has yet to Respond.
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  1. The Author of this video could well have a point.  When I heard that Remy Ma made another diss track towards Nicki, I thought "why?"  She hasn't even responded to the first one yet! This second diss track could be looked at as overkill and like Remy is attention seeking.  Plus I'm hearing noise saying that it is not as good as "shEther."  I'm kinda in agreement with DJ Akademiks, Remy should have just left it at "shEther" & wait.  Now the second diss track might give Nicki the out she's been looking for…

  2. I like Shether because Remy went in. However, because of Nas going extremely hard in the original version, that anybody who dare to rap on that beat will still sound a little off as far as delivery because he killed it. Remy had room for more to say, but she should've kept flowing on ether until she was done. Every song about Nicki should've kept being Shether 1, 2, 3, etc. That's how you make a point Remy. Now make your own music. Don't say nothing else about Nicki Minaj. When they say Remy…Nicki…say Nicki who and keep it moving. Peace everyone

  3. if you really think about akademiks you the that said that ether beat was nice but wasn't gona be a club banger so I think she listened to your advice but I understand your prospective aswell

  4. I agree with you….Remy rushed it!
    But Nicki looks like a coward
    by not answering her back.She's the only one that care
    about her numbers, trust me on that!
    Her "L" is standing by the road with it's thumb out!
    She needs to ither answer back…Or pick it the fuq up!

  5. N*ggas are the reason black people find it so hard to get ahead in the world. Why is it Remy can't get a come up with a damn 10 foot latter?? Remy is Papoose with a wig 200 extra pounds & a waist shaper!! Her & her husband both been in the game 15+ years and together worth less then $800,000 Including the Condo in the Bronx, the leased cars and all the Ju La ries lol Remy is limited for life
    A Cripple in the game, just like her husband, couldn't make a hit album if Dre produced it and Jay Z wrote the lyrics. At the end of the day if your not making money your not making sense….  Facts lol

  6. you guys need to stop commenting on people music plus make reviews nobody cares dude your wasting your like go do something with your life like pay attention to your kids, and your wives, husbands don't waste your time on yotube cause nobody cares its so sad how many people want to be famous on youtube but you will never be, get over it and live your life, get your priorities straight

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