Lecrae Talks ‘Blessings’, Bringing His Faith Into His Music, Keeping Family Off His Instagram & More

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  1. I'm ashamed that I pushed this dude aside all due to my assumptions of his character & Faith. Glad God(Jesus) are giving you what you've worked for.

  2. I see a lot Christian Artists on shows like these and they condone these talk show host mocking God by the little things they say. I am all about being transparent but we can't deny and disown God because He will disown us. He has changed I'm disappointed now ever since he won the Grammy he doesn't want to be labeled a Gospel Artist because he doesn't want to be put in a box. Following the world is what's puts us in a box. The Gospel is not a genre its the GOOD NEWS. WE GOTTA SPREAD IT FAITHFULLY IN OUR LIVES WITH AND WITHOUT WORDS!!!

  3. Can someone explain to me the verse, "In the world but not of the world." I'm confused on how ppl are saying he's a sinner bc he has unsaved friends and ppl around him. How are you supposed to reach the world if you're always in the church or with your saved friends? I still see a man of Faith, who is trying to reach the unsaved in a unique way.

  4. Lecrae's mother was a heavy black activist. Like he said. He wasnt raised in the church. Its just in him to speak up and speak out about racial issues. Ive been to egypt before. and i went to black nubian village. Will never forget it.

  5. I love how Lacrae found his faith and is trying to build bridges and understand everything is nuanced, as a black Christian military brat his perspective is the lifestyle I want to try to live.

  6. I love you and I love everything you are doing but stop mixing the gospel to this world 🌎 it just not working and I pray that he stopped and learn to give all the glory to God and Him only stop trying to fitting with those rappers because you want success and yet using God name // there is no in between lecrae it's either you are or not 😪😪😪

  7. Acknowledge Lecrae for his opinions/messages cause he's different than the media and he thinks different. He's the positive person in Hip Hop because he raps about Jesus and just facts.

  8. Know the gospel and come back and see this video. I think yall wont believe me if i said this ain't the gospel 🙏🏽bless . He talking about more emotions and what he's going instead of the truth ! Who Jezus really is and why He love us ❤️ the cross , etc .. grace!!!!!!!!! Mheen I stop

  9. Every Christian gets poked at when they announce their faith, but when they poke and you decide to open the door cause their knocking let the Holy Spirit work through you and touch them.

    I applaud lacrae, I bet all the jokes get annoying. It's because people are intimidated by faith.

    People fear what they don't know.

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