“I’ve always believe that Triple G…he has good punching power…but flat-footed…makes a lot of mistakes…there’s a few guys out there that can beat Triple G…Canelo is the top guy on the list,” stated retired undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who shared his thoughts on middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Check it out!


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  1. Thats the main thing! people got tired of Floyds defensive, pop shot and run, fighting. I want it to go back to a skilled/brawl type of fighting. Im glad GGG VS Canelo is happening and its going to be a BEAST of a fight!!! Cant wait! Finally, Boxing is back…

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFF COUURSEEEEEE he would say that LMAO!!! he beat canelo no shit he would say that since he wont fight GGG and he beat canelo it would totally make it seem like GGG has a chance against him.

  3. HIs toughest fight was the one he fought against Jose Luis Castillo 1, Where Castillo beat the shit out of him just to be robbed by the crooked Las Vegas judges. We all know Mayweathe lost that fight without a doubt. LOL

  4. this bitch ass faggot going for the guy he fucked up he said boxing is different now triple g has been fighting this way for years and knocking mother fuckers out not runing all around the ring but standing toe to toe like a real man

  5. Triple G is up and down straight fighter he can't make adjustments if s fighter has different keys to when , skills pay the bills Canelo might actually knock him down a few esp if it goes to 7th where triple G power DROPS

  6. Angel manfredy
    Genaro Hernandez
    Ricky Hatton
    Arturo Gatti
    sharmba Mitchell
    Diego Corrales
    Zab Judah
    Juan Manuel Marquez
    Demarcus Corley
    Sugar Shane Mosley
    Canelo Alvarez
    Manny Pacquiao
    Oscar De La Hoya
    yall hatred makes you full of shit.. What is even ruining boxing as a concept? How is this ruining boxing how do you even ruin boxing or kill it? Rhetorical it cannot die.. If there was a way to kill it or ruin it which there isn't it would be Floyd Mayweather losing to Conor McGregor.. Then even if that were to be a miracle that happened, do you see the current matchups that are in boxing right now? it isn't going anywhere.. Mayweather McGregor will not affect that.. A lot of those people supporting the fight or going to be MMA fans but either way it go it's still put a great attention on boxing.. Logically Mayweather McGregor is in actuality good for boxing, people who are haters are not going to say it.. if that wasn't true Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao wouldn't have really be considering fighting Conor McGregor themselves at one time as well..

  7. Same way canelo KOd Cotto, whose younger ass was beat from post to pillar by a smaller guy? PLEASE FLOYD, YOU'RE REACHING

    Or same way canelo KOd punching bag, dehydrated chavez?
    Or same way canelo KOd zombie Angulo, Lara, Trout………… ???

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