Charlamagne Rips Nicki Minaj For Not Responding To Remy Ma After Dropping ‘Another One’

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  1. Bodies are piling up… Under ether beats… Ether burns slow.

    Blue Print or Punk, oh I mean Pink Print

    KRS is your Father.
    Hip Hops Teacher

    South Bronx
    The (Queens) Bridge
    Brooklyn Bridge

  2. what could Nikki Minaj say, Remy ma spoke hard truths… no lies.. and it was about damn time someone gave it back to Nikki for all the crap she talks

  3. I'm glad so many people with influence over the black music industry is wasting their platform to promote this 1999 diss track B.S. what is their to gain from a diss track??? Not relevancy!!! Nicki's success remains light years beyond Remy. why hasn't rap evolved beyond this idiocy??? I hope Nicki never responds. Don't give foxy the attention she needs to get her ashy ass toe back on deck! f that. Nicki makes better music, does better things, and will help put this 1999 diss track B.S. in the grave. Promote individual success and wealth and building a communal empire in the black community. Rap sucks any way. it has no substance and is totally destructive to youth. Stop trying to keep up this dusty rusty busted diss bull shit. Nicki's diss should be in tbe form of making business, doing hella collabs, taking on more projects, and making it a point that she's ignoring that ashy wana be rap queen, and still getting "bags," that remy can't even carry, and wull never be given the platform too. disloyal ass radio tricks, i remember when nicki gave this fickle ass monkey ass show interviews and look at the buffoons now! Trying to drag Nicki. Keep encouraging rap as am aspiration, so youth can get their 15 mins, and be put aside by crowds as fickle as the breakfast club because the rap industry isn't about shit but self oporession, communal oporession, ignorance, and weak sauce. so many opportunities to build up the black community but they just keep selling themselves to the highest bidders, promoting emptiness and ignorance. smh.

  4. the fact that ppl are bragging about being dissed by Nicki, says it all. You onky want attention and relevancy, just like Remy but you're not guna gey it from Nicki. So keep tee hee heeing and taking jabs at Nicki, while sitting 17 tax brackets below her, injecting your asses and breasts, wearing waist trainers trying to be like her. i can't stand ppl.

  5. Nicki is so weak for all this then the game British voice lol then hittin the djs up mad. she so lame and get response was wack
    gettin drake and Wayne nothing in no frauds was good at all in comparison. … none of that trash was worth the time I spent away from my life to hear Fart bars.

  6. charlamaign is a shit starter. whats so wrong with her not wanting to clap back ? this shit needs to cease nikki needs to call remys parole officer this is a motherfuckin threat! why does remy hate her so much?

  7. selling records and awards is a plan. Beyonce won't even show up to awards if she's not winning. It's all manipulation. Her fans are kids and ppl who dont know rap. I think she has a ghost writer Remy Ma killed her and proved her talent. awards and sells dont mean nothing. We all know this.

  8. I personally feel like Nicki's diss would've been better if she didn't have Drake & Lil' Wayne on No frauds like I personally feel she could've came harder and made the diss track for at lease 5 mins long by herself only .. Nicki Minaj stop taking all these got dam L's you was throwing shade on Gucci Man's Make Love and try to pull a fast one on Remy Ma you keep getting Body tho Lil Kim buried you with a Mixtape and Remy Killed her on her version on Sheather watch next yall She's gonna come for Cardi B next I'm calling it now

  9. please it's not u that got her there and she doesn't need to respond,look at her accomplishments….she is doing her..if she responds nicki is putting money in remy's pocket and she doesn't deserve remy didn't do shit to her

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