67 Breaks Down UK Street Slang: Lurk, Skeng, Corn, Hooters, Dumpies, Spinners

In the above clip from 67’s November 2016 interview with VladTV, the UK rap group talked linking with fellow UK pioneer Giggs for the single “Let’s Lurk,” which accrued over 7 million views on YouTube. Next, Vlad and 67 discuss UK hip hop existing in a bubble, and finally, the rap collective explains some UK slang.


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  1. american rappers are gay, I'm not tryna be funny I mean literally gay bisexual effeminate multi coloured hair dying weave and dress wearing cringey moist yats they need to come to the UK to relearn manhood but unfortunately would have a nervous breakdown after just 48 hours on even a moist council estate.

    What a shame, it was all going so well for them till about 2011, maybe the US gvt started putting estrogen in their watermelon, fried chicken, cornbread and cool-aid

  2. So for those of you in the know about those who live that type of life, how do they get some corn, and the thing that makes corn pop corn? in a country which does not allow this.. its not simple is it? I imagine any guy if they really wanted one, could manage to get their hands on some from what I have heard about the times we live in now, It just interests me how inner city people get such things, I don't imagine they would have the equipment or technical knowledge to make such things usually, especially in a nation which prohibits it.. do they just smuggle these things in? makes me wonder how things like this manage to get on our streets if their not allowed, especially with the sentencing attached to that, I mean things like spinners, I would not have thought these things are common, but they are even in the UK, because you hear of something happening every so often, I wonder how its possible since the country we live in is not exactly known for it, people from all walks of life are free to answer.

  3. i would to say to african americans, or black americans, when u say UK niggas are this or that, do u realise no matter where u from in the world, u all came from africa? and u people are stupid making the gun rate into a compition, there are hard people and soft people everywhere in the world, and guns are availavle in london as long as you got ur bands up, handguns, shotguns, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, thats about as far as it gos, it dont matter if u a US nigga oe a UK nigga, u could have a US nigga move to london and he a pussy, get robbed and stabbed up, stripped on camara to beg say hes a bitch, or u could have a hard ass nigga from uk move to the us, an vise versa. dont matter wer u from, i know bosses, big drug dealers who got respect for a reason who will kidnap u and kill ur kids if u fuck around, so many niggas got guns in london, i grew up here, all ive seen from my area is drugs every fucking day of my life, gangs stabbings and shootings, ppl goin jail and dieing, poverty i cant walk to the shop with out seeing gangs, drug deals, and a que of fucking crackheads asking for 20p, fuck out my face. we r in da hood, get over it u dumb ass bitches

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