Michael Eric Dyson thinks Kaepernick’s protest was ‘extremely important’ | UNDISPUTED

Michael Eric Dyson, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the National Anthem and the impact it made on America.
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Michael Eric Dyson thinks Kaepernick’s protest was ‘extremely important’ | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. professional sports is in some way sharing the mirror with plantations.

    sports shouldn't be THIS praised. it should be an activity enjoyed by followers of the sports with the elites that dominate the sport. the fact that parents are willing to foresee the true potential of their children by choosing sports as an key ingredient to solving their problems is the root of the problem. why aren't Team Owners giving back to the community on a SERIOUS level & and showing us the side of white supremacy that the communities could use to open & construct better doors for the FUTURE.

    we are forgetting that God is witness to all of this, we can easily predict 2,3,4 etc years without even mentioning "God Willing"…..

    being 25yrs old in america, and witnessing everything i can only say…everything will come to light.


  2. Now, Colin Kaepernick is a so-called "biracial" brother that was raised by two white parents. How is it that he has more value for the black race than the vast majority of these full blooded negros in all of sports?!!! Like seriously, wtf.

  3. watch Dyson… he'll make a good point then hide it within several subversive Zionist manipulated ideals… WEB Dubois/Harlem Renaissance Civil Rights/MLK and BLM are funded by Zionists… in other words they are Jewish controlled movements…

  4. so was DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING.MEDGAR EVERS.FREDRICK DOUGLAS.JESUS CHRIST.W.E.B DUBOIS. Rosa Parks.all great men and women that stude up for freedom in this country as and around the world.LORD JESUS CHRIST gave them the strength to do great things for the people in this country.they were all considered outcasts.

  5. Exactly skip I said that same sentiment when lap took the knee that's why I called BS on his protest he didn't reach out to anybody til a few weeks after so he was getting the calls that's when he reached out to Roland Martin and Dr. DYSON so I honestly believe he didn't know what he was protesting

  6. His protest a joke because not going to change nothing because the rich have the power period . police is dog is of the rich so is every person on tv pretend to care what do they do physically to prove the claim actions speak louder than words period.

  7. He not doing will of Lord Jesus that what matter period they cry and talk about the sane think and get zero result protest against drug dealers rappers movie producers and TV producers . Politicians organized groups which are terrorist groups

  8. If they care so much about black lives white lives lives of people they would tell people to serve Lord Jesus and and stop listening to these devil-worshipers on TV that won't people to be inferior and devil worshippers. They get paid to put on a front they were for the same people that suppress the poor. They are your enemies salvation is more important than anything else on this Earth . talk about the same thing over and over no Solutions but most importantly they make money off . None of the people on TV can relate to what they talking about because they don't live in on neighborhoods. So anything they do is invalid

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