Lecrae Freestyles Stay + Speaks on Balancing Music with His Marriage

Lecrae at all times delivers that warmth. Becoming a member of us on Sway within the Morning, this fireplace rapper that chooses to not be categorized as a “Christian Rapper,” opened up about how he balances work with marriage life, being within the studio with different rappers and wanting them to behave like themselves (he does not care in the event that they spark one), and Politics.

Watch above, plus take pleasure in that flame freestyle.

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  1. Didn't like much of the interview, it felt like they were doing the things he said NOT to do & act. Then they did it….loved Lecrae's answers & how he carried himself & shined the light on what he's REALLY ABOUT & he Knows he's a representation of GOD. Thanks for breaking the stigma & blessings to ya 😁

  2. What I see towards the end around 19:26 is that Lecrae is definitely having a positive influence on the people he is around. Look how the lady (sorry don't remember her name) and Sway advise the listener to pray about her situation.

  3. Lecrae is wrong. I grew up listening to secular rap music and know what's in it so my knowledge of it don't come from white evangelicalism what a bunch of crap Lecrae! I was a Kool G. Rap fan and etc and now I'm born again. Lecrae need to repent!!!! How can Lecrae bash Trump but support Obama who push abortion on demand on black people.

  4. I love Lecrae but he should not follow that trail, that all gospel rappers are condescending.I hope he includes himself because not all CHH rappers are condescending. Lecrae please defend your brothers in the Lord bro thats your first family. Dont forget where you come from bro.But anyway big ups i love what u doing.

  5. People Bashin Lacrea, is accually a stage, most Christians don't Grow from, cuz they're trapped in a maze/if they ever put on his shoes, they'd be confused everyday, and THEY'LL compromise all the rules, that they claim that he Breaks/I got love for Datin and the way he approached it, for hypocrites, they don't want another way to approach it/ they want FIRE and BRIMSTONE, did they listen to his tone, he wanted to resolve the issue, not give em a mission to spit foam/

  6. love how he literally just does his own thing and doesn't care what anybody else's expectations are of himself. He knows who he is and is gonna show it. Truly dope.

  7. "I Identify as a Christian Husband, Father etc. my perspective has been adopted by biblical truth/principles which Lecrae is calling White Evangelicalism. So am I Judgmental and condescending if i call out husbands who mistreat their wives or cheat on them? According to these interviewers. YES, YES I AM. HMMM… Sticking situation when believers yoke with non believers.

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