Lord Jamar: Frank Sinatra is the Only White Artist I Hold in High Esteem

Lord Jamar recently admitted that he didn’t realize “Bad and Boujee” was a Migos song until DJ Vlad pointed it out, and the Brand Nubian rapper added that he thinks all new rappers sound alike. He then went on to talk about Donald Glover comparing the Atlanta trio to The Beatles, which opened up a conversation on white artists that Lord Jamar holds in high esteem.

While Lord Jamar admits that he doesn’t hold The Beatles in as high esteem as white people, he revealed that he does like Frank Sinatra. To hear more of Lord Jamar’s conversation, hit the above clip.


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  1. Lord Jamar is a hate preacher in the most purest sense. Yall hate on white people for putting their own race above ours, yet yall happy when one of our own does the same… Why can't the white/black/asian races all be on the same level as humans beings? God damn…

  2. I get where he is coming from. And I know that everyone back in the day was influenced by blues and jazz. But music is constantly changing and expanding by taking new life within another person's personal taste. Just because someone is white doesn't mean they can't have a new twist and be innovative. I don't think muddy waters would have ever thought of rock n roll and played shit that led zeppelin was doing.

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