2017 Xbox Countdown Sale Promo

There’s over 650 deals on Xbox One and Xbox 360 digital games with savings up to 65% during the Countdown sale. Xbox Live Gold members save up to 10% more on most digital game deals during the Countdown sale. Get the first month of Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass for just $1. Learn more at https://www.xbox.com/promotions/sales/countdown

Video with Audio Description: https://youtu.be/pHiyQ00lSd4



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  1. Wow.

    My top picks:
    Tom Clancy: The devision: 960/-
    Ghost Recon: Wildlands: 1500/-
    Watchdogs 2: 1350/-
    BF 4 + Hardline: 480/-
    Little Nightmares: 650/-
    Brothers: A tale of 2 brothers – 480/-
    Homefront revolution – 450/-
    Batman: Return to Arkham (latest) – 1200/-
    Ryse: Legendary editon: 480/-
    Sunset Overdrive: 480/-
    NFS Payback: 2000/-
    Titanall 2 Ultimate Edition: 1100/-

  2. So just received an Xbox one x. I want to use my Kinect, however there isn't a Kinect port on the X. I checked online for a Kinect adapter and the cheapest one is $300. Why are these not being sold in retail? They had free adapters for the S. Why not the X? I've always supported Xbox but this is actually pretty ridiculous.

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