Chef Ameera checks in on day 11 of the 90-Day Vegan Challenge with Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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Celebrity Chef, Chef Ameera swung by Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week to discuss the benefits on becoming vegan. Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored hosts took on the 90-day vegan challenge coordinated by Chef Ameera and speaks about how it is being vegan saying, “it gives you a clear mind and also tells you what foods your body doesn’t accept”. Chef Ameera also spoke about what it takes to become vegan; “You have to prepare yourself mentality before you transition or you will fail”. Ameera also unlocked the keys to becoming a billionaire and didn’t leave without discussing how to find your biochemistry to know what kinds of foods your body and Dasha needs individually in order to operate its best.

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  1. Idk why this show has to be compared to Breakfast Club. They're so different. Hollywood Unlocked is uncensored. That changes the game completely. Anyway. Yay for the new episode.

  2. Welp – make sure y'all ask Rocky about dark skinned women and red lip stick, and his "all lives matter" comments 🙄🙄 Not impressed by ASAP at all. But thoroughly enjoyed this episode tho !!!!

  3. I hate that Melyssa cusses! It's almost like she's trying to be more relatable for the audience. At the same time if this is who she really is, that's a let down because I definitely thought she was more refined. Shame such a pretty girl with an ugly mouth.

  4. its not cute when Melissa cusses. I literally hate it. Her voice and personality is already something to adjust to. I like this radio show but its unbearable to watch and listen to just because of her. I might not be viewing to much longer. in my own opinion.

  5. U gotta be mindful of the inner conversations you have with yourself, positive and negative. Literally, U R Who U Think U R, the good and the bad. U r realizing that reality, and that is really KEY, when u get that concept. Use all positive affirmations, but ur know that!! Keep on the journey…..!!

  6. I love that Gio Beat and energy switched up once he remembered. Lol. He looking at her like she sitting there naked. Love you guys. Keep the episodes coming. @charmdaproducer

  7. Can someone please instruct Melyssa to do her research , like girl there's a lot of things you don't know.
    The worst thing a radio host can do is continue to deliver false information .

  8. She does curse a lot at him (Gio)     I would tell her to chill with that and this show is nothing like Breakfast Club which is Hip Hop and this is pure gossip and trash in a good way

  9. I love Jason … Melissa ite Gio is everything!!! They be lowkey hatin' on him he's funny & only one with a solid relationship with a bad one, he just didn't turn boujie like the rest of them soooo they gotta single him out but the back in forth they do is soooo hilarious

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