Should Music Be Free if you Support a Musician in other ways? Concerts? Merch? Etc?

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  1. If i'm an Artist all my music is free but you can also buy it to support me the choice is yours fam Real fans who buy my music tho get discounted Concert tickets if they buy the full album… niggas like akademik gonna steal it anyway might as well make it easier

  2. that's like saying cable should be for you that's like saying movie should be free that's like saying the NBA tickets should be free. if you're not going to pay for it then don't listen to it

  3. Lately , DJ Had a Change of Heart 😂😂😂. Before he defended Drake & Now he's bashing him😂😂😂. They probably broke up🤔😅

  4. …honestly, this is the way it works today, more or less. People use spotify/torrents/radio/bootleg/share music …then they pay for the concerts/t-shirts/backstagepass etc… this is "indirectly" what music has headedto.

  5. I 100% agree, bout time someone spoke about this. I used to listen to mad drake and still listen to his old shit but he makes it impossible now to actually listen to his new shit. I heard his new shit which was pretty good maybe once total because it is fucking IMPOSSIBLE to find. You want to maximize $$$ now instead of keeping your fanbase? Aight then, fuck you.

  6. he not lying once Drake signed that Apple music deal damn near all his music from youtube got tookin off from all the other fake bootleg ass channels out here cash money was sleepin I'm sure niggas made a few good racks on uploading Drake shit and out of know where all his shit was gone when views dropped lol

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