Safaree Cosigns The Game’s Accusation that Meek Mill is a Big Part of Why He Isn’t With Nicki Minaj.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Safaree Cosigning The Game’s Accusation that Meek Mill is a Big Part of Why He Isn’t With Nicki Minaj.
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  1. From my understanding, Meek always wanted Nikki and was on a mission. Thought he just ran game and it worked. I guess Meek and Nik both played Safari. Besides, I'm sure Nik treated Saf like the loveable goofball that he is and it didn't coincide with her image so, she kept him in the background. Bad move because that's how u can easily get played on the low.

  2. Im not a fuckin snitch and don't like snitches, but if snitchin 1 time on a nigga that aint even my nigga and the outcome is I end up with Nikki Minaj- then Fuck that Nigga Ill be da biggest stitch in history. Nikki ass tho- any nigga that aint gay would do the same, FACTS

  3. thats wild inflammatory thats wild egregious!!!😂😂😂da nigga Dj Ak tryna show off his lil college words n shit it would be more impressive back in the days before google lol

  4. All based on your perception. One way you look at it, its a bitch move. But another way you can look at it is nicki got a pussy that no other woman got and if you want it you have to seperate her from whats not allowing your dick in. I have met a married woman that i sexually desired to the point i would probably bust her husband head if i for sure got what i desired. Ijs

  5. Just when I thought Meek Mill maxed out his "L" attribute. That's the weakest way ever to get a chick. Let me delete all of his songs off my phone….. oh shit I ain't got none to delete

  6. well that's your own fault buddy you were way out of your league with nicki the bitch is top 10 finest women on the planet also rich as hell you are basically a fucking bum compared to her how you could you even think about cheating on that bitch unless she was fucking other people too but if she was loyal you better be too

  7. Nigga if want ya bitch ima get her by any means period, the game is chess not checkers. Not only that your at a industry type party and your dating a high profile celebrity Nicki Minaj and you decide to cheat on her around her industry peers ? Safari is a fucking cornball and idiot and deserved to get his bitch (nicki) bumped. Meek gave her a favor believe me.

  8. Yeah blood it's snitching and a hoe move to get a girl to be with u… Not to mention he can't even run a fade one on one with a nigga. That's not street blood on the B 👌

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