Miss Nikkii Baby talks finishing school & surgery with Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED] Interview

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reality star Nikki Mudarris swung by Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week and gave details about her relationship with her co-star Safaree Samuels saying, “I think he’s a great guy, but in life right now the timing is off and I think we are just looking for two different things”. Mudarris also goes in about how season 2 of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood was difficult dealing with the death of her brother, graduating from USC, filming for the show every day, and negativity around the sex tape her ex-boyfriend Mally Mal allegedly released. She didn’t leave without spilling the tea on why she wasn’t invited to her now ex-friend and co-star Princess’ wedding, saying “she thought I was flirting back with Ray-J when he tried to flirt with me on set”.

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  1. One good thing about her is that she does not go out her way to talk bad about people She always tries to find something good about their personalitiesThis interview made me know another side of her

  2. Jason ruined this interview. He kept trying to get Nikki to talk shit and she's clearly not like that. I like her after this interview tho. Jason nobody checking for you bruh

  3. Girl stop 🔪 chopping yer face! BEAUTIFUL???? SHE'S ALL FAKE! Why would a woman pay money to look like a tranny!?? 😨 Is Jason gay??? Is he a top??? 🐽🐒💋

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