Was The Game Going to Philly a Dumb Idea??? Will Meek Mill vs The Game get violent?

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  1. this nigga goes to geno don't nobody fuck wit geno 4 no steak if u want a real philly cheeses teak u go to pat's or erie ave u see when game was they nobody was around cuz thatz not the hood plus meek not from South philly he from North that where shit go down at and if somebody step to game bout the shit he been sayin itz not 4 meek itz 4 the whole philly cuz he disrespected philly and where meek fucked at he been out 4 a min now and he haven't put nobody on from Philly and thatz a bad look 4 him also cuz we got some hot mf comin out philly that y niggaz not movin like we doin #erk gang

  2. lmfao everybody stop the BS meek called cause he ain't trying to catch that fade all the game wants is to square up simple as that meek scared to fight everyone seen him hitting the punching bag my little nephew would roll his as up shit too funny the one whos making a big deal is meek bringing people in that ain't their business game called him out one on one it's this simple meek mill afraid to throw hands it's simple catch the fade

  3. the niggas who are saying DJ AK is a snitch are the same niggas that think the government used their money resources and imagination to clone Gucci Mane. same half brain ass niggas who think posting a picture of a gun while making death threats in front of your hundreds of thousands of followers is not a bad idea. same niggas who think the feds don't have Instagram accounts and follow niggas and watch they post daily. cmon bruh really?

  4. fuck outta her akademks we aint going to jail over a dumb shooting Philadelphia we dont do that you shoot down Genos your going to jail and Geno don't like black people we go to pats learn Philly foh..

  5. I got a feeling this nigga Game is building his nuts up to come at Nas next, just watch this bipolar ass nigga Game ,he's gonna find a way to fall out with Nas ,that pest control is Nas whole style how is niggas not knowing this nigga pest control is structured like ether!

  6. Idk why you act like this is weird. There are old beef tapes with games manager saying he wakes up some day like " I'ma beef with this person just bc"…. Sound like you only listened to rap for the past 5 years

  7. Come akademiks u really think it was 50 and game having a shoot out and no1 got booked fuck out of here. 50 have to get in interviews talking bout a next niggas shit like a bitch 2 stay relevant and game a Thot stripping on niggas and shitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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