Should Meek Mill have had Features on his Diss Song to The Game??

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  1. You niggas in the comment section is wishy woshy asf if one nigga comment gets a lot of likes y'all just add on , how about have an opinion of your own first then look at the comment section Bruh smh

  2. I feel like it's all a matter of perspective. First off, I'm not doubting that Game is winning this beef. But Meek's response was smart- he might not be on the same lyrical level as Game but he brought facts to the table, he brought a nice flow, and most importantly he brought Beanie Sigel into it, and Game proved that that one hurt him in one of his IG posts. If he plays this smart like that, he might not necessarily come out the victor, but he'll survive pretty much unscathed. Also I feel like it's worth noting that while we could've done without Omelly's verses, they were there to give a sense of realness to the situation. Cause Omelly clearly isn't a rapper. But he very much a real ass hood nigga. Him on the track was letting Game know just how serious it was. Anyway, that's my piece on it

  3. Now the truth comes out that beans wrote some of their bars🤔.. And then they jumped after his show in philly. How yall fell. Game just teasing them to make them come out swing and he ready. When that vid for pest control drop….

  4. Didnt like omelly on war pain, didnt like him on the ooouu remix, but puttin omelly on the track was more for omelly. game got on tyga diss track at durk, even when game dissed 50 cent on 300 bars, 50 got the rest of G unit and did 300 shots. So meek aint the first to have a feature on a diss track, won't be the last…. meek gets hate for no reason now

  5. hold up hold up i agree with the omelly shoundnt be on the track even beanie shouldnt of been on either but lets be honest hitem up was a classic and the outlaws went in they verses wasnt wack, it wasnt written by someone else!! kadafi smashed that shit!! it dont matter at this point you dont diss game lesson should be learned by them scrubs, durk got bodied before he could lay a track meek just got put in a body bag again young thug had enough sense to not drop a diss track 40 gloc got smashed and cremated

  6. Tupac had features on his diss track, Eminem had features on his diss tracks, 50 Cent had features on his diss tracks, Eazy E did also and alot of other artists so why is everybody making a big deal about Meek doing it?? Stop hating on Meek u fukkin Drake fans!!!

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