Metta World Peace talks Lamar Odom’s downfall with Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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NBA superstar Metta World Peace paid Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored a visit this week and spoke about his reason why he blamed the Kardashians for Lamar Odom’s deadly behavior saying, “I never spoke to him about the Kardashians, so when I found out he was on his death bed I had to blame someone, so I blamed them”. Also, when asked about who he thought was a better player Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, he went with a pretty awesome choice. Throughout the interview, Metta also spoke about drinking Hennessy during halftime shows while in the NBA, returning to the Los Angeles Lakers this fall, and didn’t leave without setting the facts straight about the 2004 fan brawl.

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  1. Ok, Melyssa, everybody knows you're Canadian now. Damn, she says it every show and somebody please rescue her eyebrows. They always looks a mess. And if I hear Gio talk about his little tired relationship again. Geesh!!

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