Young M.A On Beyonce Liking Her Music and Playing Powerhouse

Young M.A chats with Angie Martinez about her grind, Beyonce liking her music, not wanting to be an LGBTQ activist, loving Usher’s “Nice and Slow” as a kid and much more.


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  1. yo yo, what's up when you coming to Philly baby trying to see you trying to hit that for real for real about all your songs it seems like you don't like white girls but I ain't your average white girl baby

  2. I can see YOUNG M.A is all shy with Angie Martinez ,I can see YOUNG MA is crushing on Angie she did the know where to put her face, she was nervous here compare all her interviews ever. she was looking at Angie's beautiful sexy hot face and that sexy mouth and lips and if u look close young ma is looking at Angie's niples showing thru the shirt lmaoo young ma wasn't focus on the questions , she was focusing on them nipples and fantasizing about her and Angie busting it up on top of the keyboard then in the booth oooooouuuuuu and lick lick lick lick suck suck suck and slurrrrrrp slurrrrrrp slurrrrrrp.jajaja yeah Young ma I see you mama

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