Safaree talks Nicki Minaj break up & rubs Melyssa down on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED] Interview

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Reality star Safaree Samuels swung by Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week and spoke for the very last time about his nasty breakup with Nicki Minaj and how he was exhausted trying to receive his royalties from the work he put in with her. Also, when asked about Meek Mill and if he was a Meek Mill fan musically his response was very predictable, saying “No, absolutely not”. When questioned about Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s relationship he responded with, “I really don’t give a rat’s ass anymore, because I know what’s real and what is not”. Throughout the interview, he got comfortable with Melyssa Ford telling her that he wanted every girl he dealt with to look like her including Nicki Minaj, while he massaged his new line of coconut oil on her.

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  1. Why push him suing for money? Whenever you leave an 11 year relationship, you ALWAYS have big credits in whatever that other person has become – whether they are successful, the same or worse. That's relationships, that's breakups. I consider it a weakness to feel like you need to cut what your ex has made of themselves in half before you leave. Arrange it while you're together or walk away and make it on your own. There's nothing wrong with him walking away like this!

  2. I like his shades the interview was kinda boring because they kept pulling and underhanded asking questions he didn't want to discuss people are just nosey let the guest open up to talk

  3. i hate when people compare Beyonce and Rhianna Both of them r Bad. But jus to give it to Beyonce is stupid Rhianna jus gives me more Real and i love the fact ReRe seems more down to Earth. Bee gives me a Fake image but i do Love her Also. Both musicly is not even in the same box. But Bee seems to go hard jus to keep up with the TIMES….. Like do we really know her… But i do loves her.

  4. I couldnt work with Jason not letting Melyssa speak, like everytime she wants to give her imput he shuts her down. That is not the way to do it. Control Freak.! How about stopping the Nikki Minaj questions, if you have no other questions than that, let Melyssa speak

  5. Yea Safaree has a huge dick, which you can easily find online…. I already knew he did because guys who look like him, usually do have a big dick… plus his confidence is high and usually that's cause a guy has a big dick.

  6. Where the fuck did he come from cause it damn sure ain't Jamaica!!!!! Yo really though….he got the whole game fucked up he need to trying to be Drake,Young Thing,Future,Meek,etc etc!!! I got to keep this thing with Safaree 100!!!! Dog you the corniest Jamaican I ever seen in my life. You really disappointed me as a woman cause you frauding!!!! Listen boo do me and yourself a favor. Make a RAGGAE ALBUM!!!! Stop trying to be an american gangster you that look don't suit you well Dogg!!!! I want to go on about you being a fraud!!!But I have a life!!! Just be a Jamaican and go sample the boops riddim laws have mercy.Me

  7. I like safari….. he seems like a nice guy, he's pretty talented but he's more of the underrated backburner underground type of artists that won't get that much recognition. I can kind of resonate with him in a way because he comes off as that guy that was probably lame in high school and now everybody likes him……. and I was in those same shoes

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