Demetrius Shipp Jr on Playing Tupac in Movie “All Eyez On Me” And More! (Full Interview) | BigBoyTV

Demetrius Shipp Jr drops by the Neighborhood to chat about starring as Tupac Shakur in new movie “All Eyez On Me” Pressure of living up the legacy of Pac, Working with Tupac’s family/friends to learn the role and more!





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  1. Calibstyle stuck back in the 80's lmao😂😂LISTEN verrry closely if you think he's not watching all this fake shit then your stupid ASF BOI"AITE PAC EVEn said that fake ASS movie Ain't never been him lol but he gone remember GTFO here WIT that I'm lying shit Ol comment reading Azz boi""!

  2. I gives bruh credit NVR hating feelme """shitZ Funny n Caleb ION have to toot my on horn bruh MFS been TELLN that sense the 80's bruh KNOW about it aite so don't shout out lie wen you know NOTHNabout of what I'm speaking on bruh""

  3. Before I seen the movie I didn't think he looked like Tupac. After the movie he actually looks like him. (HIS EYES are different and his face and head shape)

  4. Is it just me who thinks the dude who plays Tupac in the movie is Tupacs son? Really look how much he looks like him! Did Tupac have a affair with his mother? The actor has stated in a interview that he grew up in the death row studio as a child because his father was in the death row camp working on people's albums.

  5. Orlando Andersson killed pac. Cause pac jumped him that night at the casino in vegas he was the one that stole pac's mate jewllery. Pac got the best of him and they wanted revenge and killed pac

  6. Baby boy was legit BORN for this roll!! Lol I'm lookin at his momma sideways lol daddy worked at death row so I mean maybe momma….???!?!?! Lol nah I'm playin but WOW!

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