Babies at the Wrong Time/ Side Chick Wants to Find Someone Else – Ask Yee

This segment on Ask Yee, One caller is married and her husband wants kids, however she doesn’t she thinks it is the wrong time. Another caller is a side chick who moved with her guy to Texas but now she wants to meet new people and he doesn’t want her too.


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  1. She to old to have a baby ???… I'm dead lol, when you having sex that runs the possibility of having a baby, she selfish as hell Cuz, I'll get rid of her asap, that's something you tell your better half up front and not years later in the relationship, she going to be 50 years old living with 10 cats, talking about all men are dogs watch, that's how it happen lol…

  2. How are you a Doctor and don't know simple math? If she's 36 and has a child, her child will be in HS by the time she's 50. Now if she keeps waiting then she will be a 50yr old with a kid in elementary school.. Stop poppin' the BC pills lady!!! She sounds super young tho.

  3. Deceit in any relationship will lead to a slow destruction. She is on birth control and hasn't told her husband. Not only does she think this is right, she even goes further to say 36 is too old to have a baby because she doesn't want to be 50 with a child in elementary school. I hope he's listening to this clip and addresses her ignorance and deceit.

  4. I have a friend, who her and her husband are both doctors. They have one kid. The thing is you BOTH have to want it. If one of the two don't want children- don't have any. And I feel her on not wanting to be in your 50's with a young child. That shit's fine for folks we have a nanny. It's doable tho.

  5. Anaya lil lyin as sound young, immature, nd kno good nd got damm well she not no doctor maybe a nurse. What doctor calls a radio station for advice, nd idk what women been with sumone for 21 years nd dont want a family them. She sounds like a young thot playin it safe.

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