Is Logic more Popular at Colleges than other places? White People who love Underground hip hop ONLY!

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  1. But if you want some real lyrical underground rappers try eyedea and immortal technique they like the biggie and tupac of the underground even tho eyedea dead now rip eyedea great mc

  2. that kid better step his artist list up bet it'll match his proper talk more trust me.. don't make me drop some artist names to make u look him up n have your device in flames lol fuck it I'll drop 3
    mickey factz
    y'all been warn.. true listeners only..
    i mean yeah u can list to some trap shyt.. but my trapt is set alil different like
    jay idk
    nino bless
    boom now u got 6 artist from both side but have both postive vibe in common .. enjoy

  3. Great convo, I used to go to Maryland & ran into some white people who fucked with Kendrick more than Drake. I went to the radio station at UMD and one of the DJs only listened to underground rappers.

  4. I'm almost one of the white dudes they talkin about haha. NAS the GOAT imo. but I don't care about the popularity. like if an album I like goes #1, that would make me happy. I'm glad Kendrick is popular and Born Sinner is my favorite Cole project. also I definitely know more white Desiigner fans than black Desiigner fans, so take that for what it's worth.

  5. I've been listening to logic for years but I just can't do it anymore because he's got the worst fanbase in all of hip hop. A bunch of pre teen white kids claiming he's the GOAT and will do whatever they can to bring him up in a YouTube comment.

  6. I fuck with Kodak , Wayne, Gucci etc but sometimes you just gotta put that Earl Sweatshirt on when I want some lyrical shit . I guess it just depends on how you feeling

  7. +king academics stop being such a judgmental bitch! How can you hate on someone who makes good music. Not only white people go to University of MD… go tf head boy

  8. J Cole was for college kids, all his raps were about college when he was coming up cause he actually WENT to college and finished cum laude. Logic didnt even finish highschool lmao he doesnt know what the dorm life is like or waking up hungover to take an exam. He even disses going to school in his songs.

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