When Did Booty Eating Become Popular….?

DJ Akademiks
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  1. I would never ever lick or eat a side chicks or a random hoes booty or pussy. That is strictly reserved for your main chick. There are nasty ass girl out there who don't know how to clean themselves.

  2. I been eatin my past girlfriends bootys clean out shower on special occasions or if I'm just in one of those animaly instinctive krazy horny where I wanna fuck her to death… n also not that I'm proud but I been poppin zans 10-15 yrs back..I hate when most these fake ass rappers talk shit they don't really do n make a trend n all the kids run out n do it to be like they fav rapper they think is so kool n so real!! I can't even barely find zannys nemore kuz evones takin em to be "kool" kuz it's in ev song now.same shit happen wit the E n Molly like 5 yrs ago…fuckin follow the leader sheep! Smh if u takin drugs kuz u got an issue that's one thing but because Future or the Migos etc tell u they take em like skittles w their lean n gas is str8 klown shit, they are not takin those like that n if at all they might have tried it once in their life n now it's in ev track they make.I think future even pulled a Slim Jesus in an interview n said he just likes to talk bout drugs but don't use!

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