Russ Is Coming For Drake + Says XXL Freshman Class Is “Terrible”

Atlanta Rapper Russ speaks on finding success and a fan base through Soundcloud and You Tube, plus says he wants to surpass Drake and opens up on his thoughts on hip hop blogs and the XXL Freshman Class.

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  1. this guy talks like hes been successful in the game for a while now when no one knew who he was 2 years ago lmao we will see how much this kid lasts. stay humble or BE humbled

  2. Russ will never reach Drake's level. And if he does, all of the current fans will end up hating him. It's evident that Drake works 24/7 with a team, not that it's a bad thing, but Russ' charm is his authenticity in independence. If that's gone he won't be the same.

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