Tommie Lee talks Joseline and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED] Interview

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reality TV star Tommie Lee made her presence known at Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week and shared how she thinks the beef between her Love and Hip Hop cast member Joseline Hernandez started, “I really feel like it was an ego thing, even though I was so real and genuine to her, she probably took it as if I was coming for her.” Tommie also speaks about her current civil lawsuit against the Georgia State Patrol after she was unjustly manhandled by the police after she was pulled over. Lastly, she didn’t leave without speaking about her new sunglasses line called Kilt and her flavored wine partnered with Chardonnay. Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored​ airs every Monday at 3:00 pm PSTon the Dash Radio App under T-Boz’s ‘iCraft’ channel. Please see below for more information on Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored and Dash Radio.

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  1. Jason Lee .. I Love You!.. Keep yourself if the haters mouths!! Always….. They cant handle the FINE,GAY,BUILT,HONEST, FUNNY,EDUCATED, ETHNIC MAN WHO IS SHININ!

  2. Mona Scott is poison to the image of black women and the black community as a whole. She is getting her coins from making a mockery out what is a "reality." Because of these shows, the spirit and soul of the black community are tainted. The Karma she will receive for getting in the bed with the powers that be to make these shows, is going to be huge. It may not be public what price she has to pay karmically but mark my words….. You get back what you put out.

  3. Another interview ruined by Jason 👊👊 They need to just fire his ass because he is so rude and unprofessional! Constantly interrupts and doesn't let anyone else speak!! And stop saying "our show" you are not part of the Love & Hip-Hop franchise!

  4. i guess "real" is the new "ignorant" as a woman you should evolve and not stay the same, even if that mean removing people/situations out your life. She loves being in unhappy places.

  5. I love tommie she is the best person on the show! !! She is so beautiful and so real " and she will kick your ass and that's for real! I hope tommie stay on the show she is my #1 girl!

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