Joey Bada$$ Interview With The Breakfast Club (8-12-16)

Joey Bada$$ discusses his new single “Devastated”, his acting career taking off, lyrical hip hop making a comeback and much more with The Breakfast Club.


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  1. The consumption of black culture, black music, etc by rich/better off white people is ironic isn't it just? Black artists make it big with black-priced-out tickets, whites consume and eventually steal (sorry BUY) the talent up, rejig it with a white face (sorry, more 'acceptable' artist) and siphon off the wealth n profits. He may eventually be asked to 'collaborate' with Bieber, Miley, etc, etc, and consider it a privilege (!?). Just being black is hijacked (as IceT once sang… & look what happened to him). Sigh.

  2. He's amazingly mature for a 21yr old. Love the way he dealt with being mocked for living with his mum; made whatshisname poking fun at him look immature by comparison.

  3. Joey trying to be deep but behind the scenes you'll notice that it is just image without a real deep meaning.. kendrick and 2pac and so on are 100times more interesting

  4. Envy and Charlemange need to look up the definition of "intimate" , I love Joey's response "whoooah broooo." like aren't you guys grown adults? You guys should know intimacy doesn't necessarily mean sexual. Really smart guy.

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