The Song (RICO) that started the Beef between Meek Mill and Drake got Certified Platinum.


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  1. Drake sent the record with his verse already recorded to Meek. Meek recorded his verse and put it on his album Knowing Drakes lyrics for the song already..Meek even followed Drake flow when his verse came in. Let that sink in.

  2. Im actually glad that Meek stood up like a man and exposed Drake. Just for Drake to admit it. Even after all the ref tracks came out..that he like "On mama's man I did with my own sound"(YG's Why You Always Hatin' track) tf? Think ni**as stupid out here ????

  3. @Djakademiks nobody care it went platinum drake is a fraud period he should say the name of those who write for him and it would be fair game.. Because I like his music but I don't like him stealing all the credit because he don't really be the person writing them songs…. Then I would respect him on a Easy E level without the gangsta lol… 💯

  4. missed oppurtunity?Fuck outta here..It was a great oppurtunity to expose Ms.Drizzy's bullshit!Meek ain't lose no money!He winning!He rich,He outta jail and he still got sponsors and Nicki!

  5. Wassup my name ty banga 'm a rapper from south philly can you watch my video from the mud it's on my page thanks I really appreciate it and sub to my page if you can thanks

  6. Meek decided to over react and at the end it almost cost that nigga a career. After all that shit drake still had a successful 2 years. Except More life idk that shit might set back Drake!

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