Meagan Good talks Career, Marriage and Faith on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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Actress and First Lady Meagan Good swung by Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored this week and shared how she deals with the judgmental opinions of the Christian community which lead her to speak about her blue dress controversy at the BET Awards, “I had no idea I was giving a gospel award, and even if I had known, I would’ve worn something sexy, just wouldn’t of been that particular dress.” Good also shared details about her year-long private relationship to the rapper 50 cent, and didn’t leave without finally discussing how great sex is after a year-long wait with her husband, preacher DeVon Franklin. Watch the full interview with Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford, and Giovanni Watson below. Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored airs every Monday at 3:00 pm PST on the Dash Radio App under T-Boz’s ‘iCraft’ channel.

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  1. love the show but yes jason wants to.shine and cuts everyone off and then wants everyone to listen to his story "ok wait a second, let me just say this, let me just finish this , all this in the middle of whatever they may be trying to bring up Floyd Mayweather , and as bad as Arsenio Hall always talking about his best friend Eddie Murphy back in the day. he need to but money in a jar every time he says Floyd lol

  2. I think the kids on the face is from her book when someone asked her what do you do if you dont want a man to cum in your mouth what do you do she said tell him to cum on your face. I think thats girl talk that she should be left in private

  3. wow what a hypocrite this negro said he don't go to church because of the judgement but this is what he do for a living is to judge and talk shit about people and like to be under a lot of celebrities to climb up the social ladder just look at most gay dudes on reality shows. you go to church to get the word not worry about what others think of you not even me. hell people talked about Jesus all I'm saying is that if you dish it you should be able to take it .and the celebrity name dropping is shameless to say the lease. good show but i had to call out bull shit on that though lol.

  4. Exploitation of the Gay world has been going on since i was a kid (in the late 60's to 70's ……… that i know of) in entertainment : MOVIE , MUSIC and above all FASHION, iv'e been told then later on in life seen … the nightclubs of NYC/NJ ,people would come and just watch what people were wearing, how they danced, how they talked……….. go back to "where ever" and formulate style either loosely or sometimes directly based on what they saw. The only performer iv'e seen in all that time that publicly gave respect and props to dancers in the Gay community was FK TWIGS, she had several of the underground dancer perform on stage with her, she respectfully acknowledged them and all. And there was FISH AND CHICKS on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE…….i would have said Madonna but come to find out( after seeing how she came into stardom)………… that she was just another biter!!!!

  5. Yea, Gio is my fave. He's very down to earth and naturally entertaining. Jason can be aggravating sometimes but logical. Melyssa is a narcissist. Said this before. To see how intimidated she is by Meagan is kind of entertaining though. She's all intervening trying to answer questions trying to talk over her. Meagan is what Christians should look like. They would be much more impactful in this world.

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