Eminem Isnt Planning on Going at Drake and Drake Didn’t Mention Eminem. It was all a Big JOKE!

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Eminem having no intention on Going at Drake and Drake not mentioning Eminem. It was all a Big JOKE!
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  1. So Ebro spreads rumors like a 7-year-old girl about Drake wanting to battle Em, Em says he'll fuckin' do it if Drake starts shit, Ebro says he was "just joking" and Drake want FLEX to get fired? Is this nigga stupid or does he not know Ebro was the punk bitch spreading lies?

  2. Jimmy Vs Jason …I think that by now all of us that witness Eminem 's career and Jimmy the Degrassi kid that claims he came from the bottom know who will remain standing and who's career would be finished.. Jimmy is TERRIFIED of the " Boogie man of rap ".. Gotta know how to Choose your battles boy

  3. em born in Missouri & grew up in the streets of Detroit he straight hood, while drake from Canada lmao drake be fake tryna call yourself a rapper Boi yu a popstar. em is a beefaholic yu smiley ass dnt want it with him tho

  4. god damn it why eminem fuckin why i am so fuckin sick of drake and the rest of this trap bullshit eminem would of maybe slaped some fuckin sence into people and i am not a drake hater well i maan i used to like his stuff but he just so lazy and nobody cares and it is bullshit

    RIP Hip Hop

  5. Eminem needs to destroy that Canadian ass back to nickelodeon and end his phony as career. Real rhymes don't come with a script, this ain't acting boo boo

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