21 Savage Interview With The Breakfast Club (8-4-16)

21 Savage discusses how he got into music, living the street life and loosing so many friends, being on the XXL Freshman cover, using drugs and much more.


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  1. Charlemagne coming in mocking that tattoo on his head only to get the response "my little brother died." I hope that made him quiet for a bit and made him think

  2. I'm sorry. I have no respect for someone who knowingly spews ignorance (and has seen first hand the manifestation and devastation ignorance has played in his life) just for financial gain. Your soul is more important than money. The fact that he is being lifted up in this comment section demonstrates how star-struck and misguided Black people have become. Psychological damaged smh. I'm baffled.

  3. The main thing I got from this is the American school system is a mess. How are you kicking kids out of school in the 8th grade, if they dont make it as a rapper what else can they do in life except crime?

  4. why do you rappers feel like they need to stress that they really about that life they really lived that life,and talking way to much about it.just make music who gives a shit

  5. This is one of the most engaging and compelling interviews in Breakfast Club's history. Such poignant reflections from an intelligent artist who has actually been through the struggle.

  6. They should make a documentary on this Nigga, or maybe even a movie. Who else agrees?…checkout and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS FROM (AUTHEnTIC plays DOT COM)) and get ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services??

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