Drake Stans Says F*ck Joe Budden and Dare him to Run up at Their Crib Now…. Defends their actions.

DJ Akademiks rants on Drake Stans Saying F*ck Joe and Dare him to Run up at Their Crib Now…. Defends their actions.
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  1. I'm not running up on no man for dissing my favorite rapper. And most definitely I'm not running up on no man without the thought of something happening to me or him that's what happens in a altercation. Joe was gonna smack one of them niggas if they stayed and didn't run. This real life not a joke at all and it's millions of niggas like them thinking it isn't people out here that dont give a fuck lol

  2. its not a problem with hop hop fans ….Society is so fucked up these days that kids grow up without values etc because its seen as offensive to discipline or teach them stuff

  3. i hope they look at every comment. and i it activates the logical part of there brian or 2 buy a box of blades an donate there blood to the ovo dumb ass foundation lmao cam had niggaz wearing pink bandanas when i was 15 but nobody was running up on nas with no dumb shit smh

  4. I try to tell mofos this bullshit every fucking day dude. Iv had niggas tell me shit like YO "DRAKE IS FUEGO HES RICH NOW AND HES REALLY FROM THE HOOD" WHAT FUCKING FOOD NIGGA?!!!! that nigga was getting bread from degrassi and all his lyrics are on some corny hollywood ghost writing bullshit. these fake ass surface level niggas out here with that dick riding wave

  5. Drake is my favorite artist of this generation, however I'm not going to another man's house to pick fun at him especially if he DOESN'T KNOW I EVEN EXIST! Completely ridiculous Joe Budden shoulda clapped all of them.

  6. Okay I need to know where joe lives at because I'm am literally going to kill all three of them but torture all of them by turning on the speakers to full blast and play making a murder pt 1

  7. These lames!? straight bitch made😂😂 🤣 i would rob all 3 of them. lames like that listen to hip hop and turn into wana be's. hip hop is for people who can relate not rich soft sweet bitch made fagget boy band lookin mfs.. i agree wit ak it made me mad asf to see these tha dudes who argue about rappers and shit they dnt know behind a computer.. they need they ass beat or a gun to they head so they can kno to stay in they lane

  8. I react before I think Then I say to myself damn why did I do that wtf sometimes it's better to walk instead of havin to deal with Po po But joe handled it well cuz I would for slap the fuck out of dude in the middle and smashed there windows but then I'll most likely be in jail

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