True Life: I WAS AN NBA SIDECHICK – A Testimony about Perks, Jealously and Playing Your Position!

DJ Akademiks
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  1. Dude, your "theory" on men and women was ripped straight from Chris Rock's stand up. Men can't go back sexually and women can't go back in lifestyle. It's ok though, Chris Rock spits knowledge sometimes.

  2. I see all of yall trying to figure thus hoe out using logic. News flash niggas, bitches dont think logically.They act and behave on impulse then let the arising feelings dictate their lives. The5 dont follow logic at all.

  3. She's the main side chick. Which is like being girlfriend number 2. You can't get mad for him fuckin other bitches when you know he had other options. There are women like this tho. They don't care who you fuckin as long as you're good to them. Dealing wit 1 now.

  4. Dude it is not cheating if you know about them. This is BS. She signed on to be one of many. Then she basically signed off when she wised up that she was not going to get the gold ring. This girl is ridiculous. Come clean, I just wanted to be the number one but I realized I was never going to get that position so I am moving on to find another rich guy, cause I am lazy and don't want to work to make my own money.

  5. im sure she knew all she had to do was google the nigga.he gave her an std and kicked her to the kirb why she with these old ass niggas anyway lmfao and she wonder why she aint found the right nigga bihhhh aint nobody checking for you

  6. lol, Z-Bo don't make enough money to be getting multiple STD's for. If he's fucking 100 women a month, then I doubt she's only gotten bacterial infections.

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