John Gray Interview With The Breakfast Club (7-22-16)

Pastor John Gray chats about the church’s response to Black Lives Matter, his new sow on FOX called “Preachers” and much more with The Breakfast Club.


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  1. I was riding with him until he said he does not bring up the disproportionate injustice of Blacks in the church but he can share his true feeling at the radio station sitting around Black ppl. Dude if you have a multi/racial congregation, you need to shed some real light on the injustice against Black ppl or are you afraid of losing most of your congregation … dinero? Can't complete watching this interview,. You showed and told your true colors.

  2. I like this Man Of GOD i think he is doing what he is called to do. I think he is fulfilling the works of Jesus Christ and striving to do even greater works. I just hope he never changes like the rest. Stand your ground Pastor Gray. There will come a time when they will come for you but do not fold. Don't give in rebuke satan and stand on the word of GOD. GOD bless you Pastor John Gray

  3. This interview is one of the BEST The Breakfast Club has done. They were respectful, they asked questions that triggered him to speak on everything with such realness. Even when they asked those teeth clenching questions they weren't vulgar but they were honest. Pastor John Gray is thee Pastor of this time. He's direct, real, funny, and spiritual. I love his testimony, his beliefs. Everything he stands for.

  4. John Gray the devil he is not a true pastor I think he's a homosexual and if he wants to learn the Bible maybe he should read Romans chapter 1 verses 26 to 30 in Jesus did not talk like that that is ridiculous all you fake ministers will burn in hell you Joel Olsteen all of them Creflo Dollar you're not making it to heaven your wolves in sheep's clothing preaching of false gospel

  5. Just so you know Pastor John Gray as an idiot and I say that with Reverend respect we've been under grace since Adam and Eve fell in the garden of eating grapes didn't come at the cross because in chapter 5 of Genesis it says and Noah found Grace in God's eyes so if there was no grace before the cross how could Noah have found Grace we've been under the kingdom of Grace since the fall of Adam and Eve and will be under grace until the second coming of Christ Grace doesn't give you the right to get tattoos When God Says something it stands forever and he said that I should not cut in Pearson Mark your body so tattoos artists in but just because you have a tattoo don't mean you can't be saved stop bringing these fake pastors on and bring somebody like me on who will tell you the straight truth from the word of God with the Bible open scripture not what I think but what the word says think about it

  6. Fix everything in my life dear Lord, my soul needs a break through Jesus i,want you to fix my life and manifest in my life like only you can …. #Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me, God is already there. So please be here for me Lord ❀❀❀❀

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