Umar Johnson Interview With The Breakfast Club (7-18-16)

Dr. Umar Johnson discusses the social racism in the country, President Obama not helping blacks, will an economic boycott work, leadership in the black community and much more with The Breakfast Club.


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  1. This so Called Dr. lol. courtesy of IQ Welfare, just like eveything else Blacks have "accomplished". you blacks have NOTHING. Go Defy White, JEW, Hollywood Democrats. Lets see how well you Exist . You have to be Promoted 24/7 just to be seen as Humans. And NO one believes it .Commercials show Black Doctors, Lawyers, FATHERS selling toilet paper.
    Blacks are More resentful, feel more Threatened, intimidated than White males do. Do you know why Whites, Jews, Minorities and Especially blacks FEAR asian males? Because Asian Males are Beholden to NO one. No one Owns Asian males, No one can Claim Asian Males as their Ally. And at 1% , AM are the True minority. Then why are AM's seen as the Superior, Dominant Segment of the US population. 1%, repeat, Asian Males are 1% of Americas population, the Dominant group, and we are beholden to NO ONE.

  2. How come blacks are the only people who say that we do not have a community? or that we lack a community. When did Asians, whites or Africans sit down to pow wow about being in touch with the community and giving back. I think that because the black community never had a foundation (other than church) is the reason why the black community is not strong enough to support each other. The missing link of education has a large play in our lack of communion. We are not of INNSAEI with our people. It hurts to know that we are slaves without the chains of our ancestor but the chains of our own thoughts and external interpretations of the masses of people who are afraid the image that has been portrayed in America. My thoughts…

  3. The only way to gain respect is to force and create (a reason) to be respected Marching and praying wont do anything. Change is created through pain nobody but us can do this

  4. "I want to know why Ghana, Nigeria… and other African nations has said and done nothing about the systematic genocide of their brothers and sisters." Answer- Because Blacks do not even identify themselves as Africans! Some blacks are insulted when you even allude to the premise of Blacks having a connection with African culture! That kind of disassociating can build a lot animosity within the African culture. How can we come to the aid to a group of people that are embarrassed of where they come from. Just a thought. Everything else he mentioned is solid.  -Ghanaian

  5. If you're in the comments talking about everything he saying is BS or most of the things he saying is bs just do a little more research I'm not riding him or just simply agreeing with everything he says but a lot of the things he says are right and a lot of people hate the truth

  6. LOL. The Black "Leaders" that are Leading the Black community. A Affirmative Action Negro. Look how Proud he is, as if he "Accomplished " something grand. Black people are RESPONSIBLE for Race in America. Remove Black from society, no more Race problems.
    Look at EVERY Racial incident in America. It always involves a Black person with Race X. As Black people say.."Truth". Like Ferguson..A Black "youth", commits a Strong Arm robbery, then confronts a Cop. then who plays the VICTIM..the Marginalized, Protected, Untouchable…Black.

  7. Even if you donot agree with everything Dr. Johnson is saying. You have to be blind if you don't understand that as a people we are dying financially and spiritually. We had to fight to be considered human before we could fight to gain or have rights to anything else. But instead of reading, growing wealth and coming together we are more focoused on pop culture, fashion and giving our money other races.

  8. We all know that the only thing that will change the powers that be ways and laws against blacks is to meet them with what they fear most,,,and it aint being poor…. DEATH,VIOLENCE AND DESTRUCTION. The panthers had the right idea but my brothers just didnt have enuff support, retry….

  9. Present Day: He hit the nail on the head about how things would be in Jim Crow style when Obama left the office. With black people's civil liberties being taken away and given to the other minorities. #facts

  10. Umar reminds me of my ex father in law.
    i miss that dude waaay more than my ex wife.
    I wish i knew Umar in real life, i would hang out with him every day just to talk to him.
    Mad respect.

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