Talking Trayvon Martin Campaign & Social Inequality on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. Excellent work guys! big shout out from Australia. I enjoyed the entirety of the floyd interview including this one. The 3 of you seem to have great chemistry that will hopefully continue to grow as time goes on. Also I'm extremely thankful thank you guys are addressing such a pressing subject matter. My mother is white (Australian) & my father is African American so your message definitely resonates even from the other side of the globe.

  2. Great to see that you guys can have a great show without guests! Loved what Jason said about actually doing something. I'm personally tired of typing on SM, it's time for change, and I'm just unsure as to how to go about making the changes needed. Again, GREAT SHOW!!!

  3. Jason, you are so suited for radio…or hosting a show. I got to hate you from LHH but no one gets the best rap on there but you are truly a talented interviewer and damn you know ERRRRBODY! And I love Melyssa on here too!! Great show!

  4. This is the only radio show that I watch when there is no celebrity being interviewed. Jason and Melissa are very intelligent and I love that they're addressing a huge social issue.  Now, I totally agree with what Jason said about being torn between understanding that All lives don't matter until Black lives matter. But we as a race have to start caring about our lives too.  And I honestly don't think that it will happen.  We have been oppressed all our lives, so was our ancestors. That's a lot of poverty and injustice to overcome and a lot of things to unlearn in order to do better and stop the Black on black crime.  Also, Melissa made a great point about the celebrities that are appropriating Black culture and having kids by Black men, are being silent on the murders of Black people by police.  Where is the concern, compassion and empathy? I respect a person that stands up for what they believe in and speaks on what they see as injustice. That's why I don't support none of them. Kudos to Hollywood Unlocked! You're bringing consciousness to your viewers.

  5. I think I've TOTALLY misjudged Jason Lee. Great show you guys. It was substantive, relevant, and thought provoking. I will share this on social media, and hope you guys can be able to grow from this. Melyssa Ford, keep being as beautiful on the inside as you are outside. Giovanni, be more confident about being broke. Most of us are and can relate to everything you talk about. Jason Lee, your previous career choices have given me more insight on you other than that dude that splashed Hazel with alcohol.

  6. please please do not do this not say that we need to support ourselves and need to respect ourselves before we can have a movement that crystal out against what seems like Jim crow era lynchings..yes we must stop killing each other and stop demeaning each have other but…but do not say we cannot cry out against white cops or any cop l
    killing blacks in what seem like slavery time
    PLEASE understand blacks are not begging for respect, we just want to stop being brutalized and ..and killed by cops who stop blacks for laws formed to protect our seat belt laws and broken headlight laws. black lives matters and black crimes are two different ills

  7. I am wondering what would happened if blacks say ok fuck being concerned about the brutal cold blooded killings the broken bloodied bodies at the hands of etc just be concerned about Chicago. how would the play out. ..every time another race murders a white person.the call for the Presidents input they demand it..they want a war. they want a wall. but if we do the same we are called on it

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