French Montana says Him and Drake Didn’t Record “No Shopping” with Joe Budden in Mind.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on French Montana saying Him and Drake Didn’t Record “No Shopping” with Joe Budden in Mind.
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  1. Honestly why we even talking about this still? Don't give a fuck about Budden, know who he is but as a rapper he's been irrelevant. Plus the beef just boring if it is a beef. Looks one sided, unless you count those 2 lines drake most likely threw to budden's, how ever many, diss songs now.

  2. jus wanna be honest , u my nig akademiks , but why have you not covered or do you not know of RetcH's case ? I'm jus curious , maybe it'd be too much , but RetcH real , all these other rappers on some fufu other other for humor n pub stunts but I just wanted to know and was quite curious if you were aware of his case n could elaborate on it .. only if u want it's up to u . much peace n thank you for the information you provide , really thank you👏🏽👏🏽

  3. Drake the hottest in the game right now and has been for the longest. Why is it such a surprise that niggaz who think they better then him is taking shots at him? Drake need to do these clowns the same way Jay did Wanksta! Ignore them and they'll go back into nonexistence.

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