Floyd Mayweather [UNCENSORED] with Hollywood Unlocked: Part 5

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From Connor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao. to Donald Trump, Nelly, 50 Cent, and Ray J, no topic is off limits in this exclusive five part series.

In part 5, Floyd discusses his lavish lifestyle and expensive taste. The conversation also leads to the topic of hygiene and the breakdown of a “Hoe bath,” and why this should never be an option!

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  1. See this is the thing about niggas!They are all in there laughing about people shopping at Burlington and  Marsalls, but the majority of their people shop there.So called negroes love to stunt and humiliate their own people, when the so called white man hates every last one of their guts!Just because them niggas in that interview session are able to wear more expensive clothing, them same niggas laughing about people shopping at these places it is the so called white man and all the other peoples of the earth own these clothing companies and them niggas don't shit!!!You got that fucking slut Melissa Ford up there joking too, not knowing that The Most High can Zapp her ass right out of existence for being so damn proud man!All those clothing and shoe brands that nigga Floyd Mayweather named are owned by either old white men or peoples of other nations and not one single negro own any of those brands. Them fucking stupid ass niggas had no jokes about all those brands, but when they mentioned the Sean John brand they laughed! I'm not defending Sean John either because he's another wicked ass nigga!Just goes to show you how niggas hate each other and are wicked to the bone man!

  2. Most good looking dude you are sodomite and it's very scary when they go both Waze because a girl can get some of that shit cream all over their lips I don't even know it i'm not even endearing disgusting shit

  3. Bill Gates does not have a Bugatti warren Buffett does not have a Bugatti these guys are smart Niggas are not smart is still fucking up A lot of his money unnecessarily he need to invest in some businesses and employed a lot of under privilege Niggas make their life better

  4. its easy to destroy and put down. anyone instead of saying something positive about. a person. but im gonna a hell of an individual to. from what he came from. his dad using him as. shield so he wouldn't get shot and his mom on drugs and all. he could do was go to. gym. for refuge. he even reveal in one documentary he had a choice. the drugs. or boxing and that. he picked right the right decision

  5. LMAOO!!
    floyds openly gay friend: so Floyd who is in your ipod right now? Who do you listen to.
    FLOYD: Who do I think the best artist is that's out right now?
    Openly gay dude: yea yea who….wtf

  6. Hey Floyd, how you doing? I want to be a part of the Money Team. Master's degree, multi-lingual, well-traveled beautiful woman! Follow me on Twitter @WanjiruTM and let's make this happen.🤗

  7. BLACK MEN WITH MONEY have too many friends and family members,……BECAUSE THYE GOT MONEY……………FLOYD SPEND too much, ONE ON BULL SHIT…………..IT WILL COME BACK TO GET HIM IN THE END………………I'D keep the women and get rid of all those guys around me,…..

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